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Virtual CISO (vCISO) Services

Let our Virtual Security Officers guide you. Get the expertise you need when you need it!


vCISO Strategy Steps

Our certified security experts work with you to develop a security plan that is suitable for your organization at a fraction of the cost of an in-house CISO. Starting with a Risk Assessment, we work with you to evaluate your security plan’s strengths and weaknesses and help you manage security risks

Kick-Off Meeting

We start with a high-level overview of your company’s current information security program. This initial meeting is designed to connect you with the Security Ideals’ Team as well as introduce our Risk Assessment Framework.

Security Analysis

We will complete the Risk Assessment and Security Review Framework through collaborative meetings with our security experts and your company’s stakeholders. The completed Risk Assessment and Security Review establishes the baseline for your security program.

Security Strategy

Now that your Risk Assessment and Security Review are complete, our vCISO will present you with the findings and your custom information security strategy for the next 12-months.

Information Security Talent — Let our Team of experienced cybersecurity and compliance experts help protect your organization.

Why vCISO?

Security Ideals vCISOs are an extension of your team and provide ongoing support and recommendations.

What does a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer actually do?

The leading purpose of a Virtual CISO is to provide an evaluation of an organization’s security program and develop a guide based on the findings. This begins with a comprehensive assessment of the security program to pinpoint specific strengths and weaknesses. The vCISO collaborates directly with the leadership to better understand the company’s needs and helps provide attainable goals. They partner with the organization’s stakeholders to train employees as well as make improvements operationally with security, protection, and efficiency in mind. After systems are established, the vCISO serves as an advisor if challenges ever arise.

What are the responsibilities of a vCISO?

Security Ideals vCISO is flexible to meet the needs of our clients. From high-level guidance on a monthly/quarterly basis to being involved in the day-to-day operations. We have the solution for you!

Typical responsibilities of vCISO include:
•Internal audit
•Penetration testing
•Social engineering
•Vulnerability assessments
•Risk assessment
•Information security guidance
•Security compliance management
•Security policy, process, and procedure development
•Incident response planning
•Security training and awareness
•Security assessment
•Provide strategic direction

Benefits of vCISO with Security Ideals

Substantial Industry knowledge and skills

Our experienced consultants work with you to guide your technology strategies, helping you align them with your business and process strategies while maintaining compliance. We provide strategic, architectural, operational, and implementation planning for all your information security needs.

We have extensive experience in security compliance preparation.

Security compliance audits are a major undertaking-to say the least. Our team of experts can help you prepare for audits in advance by identifying potential problems and we can assist in remediation so you can focus on your business growth.

Cost-Effectiveness and Timing

Security Ideals has expert CISOs dedicated to your company at a much lower cost than an internal CISO with as-needed utilization. Get the expertise you need when you need it!